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        發布人:http://www.kanonlife.com    發布時間:2021-12-28 10:17:30

        Garage doors are often used for maintenance and are easily damaged. If you exercise your mind more at ordinary times, you can master some skills in using and repairing garage doors to make life more convenient.
        1. Self made elastic block garage door maintenance: real home garage door maintenance often needs to be opened and closed. When the garage door is opened for maintenance, it often directly hits the wall. Over time, the lock box and handle garage door maintenance are easy to touch the traces of the wall, damaging the size and effect of the wall door and the garage. You can find a piece of rubber about 5cm thick, or put a piece of thick rubber on a small wooden block, and then nail it in the lower corner of one side of the garage door hinge, so as not to cause garage door maintenance and window damage.
        2、房車庫門維修不被風吹開:家中的房車庫門維修關閉,如果它被風吹開或不開,不方便,你可以找到一個合適的上面平埋在車庫門維修車庫框架1 / 4門維修磁鐵尺寸高,然后在車庫門、車庫門維修扇框與一塊錫地方釘,關車庫門維修后吸,可以防止車庫門維修被風吹開。該方法還可以用于櫥柜、衣柜、窗戶和其他地方。
        2. Maintenance of garage door is not opened by the wind: the maintenance of garage door at home is closed. If it is opened or not opened by the wind, it is inconvenient. You can find a suitable one, which is horizontally buried in the garage door maintenance garage frame. The size of 1 / 4 door maintenance magnet is high, and then nail it in the garage door, garage door maintenance fan frame and a tin place, close the garage door and suck it after maintenance, It can prevent the garage door from being opened by the wind. The method can also be used in cabinets, wardrobe, windows and other places.
        3. Anti astringency of garage door maintenance lock: the garage door maintenance lock has been used for a long time, often fails, and it is not easy to open and close. In this case, after the movable lock, wipe a few drops of oil or soap on both sides of the lock to make the garage door flexible and open and close.
        4. Iron railings are installed to repair the screen of the garage door: the screen is cut into door-to-door maintenance of the size of the iron box in the garage of the same size, and then roll a cloth to reinforce the four sides, so there is no edge, and then the cracked Velcro fastener at the window edge of the cloth Velcro is "sticky" stuck in the maintenance configuration (window) frame of the iron garage door
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