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        發布人:http://www.kanonlife.com    發布時間:2021-12-06 19:13:49

        Jinan fast rolling shutter door is a box of angry and made equipment that can be used for the demolition of all development objects. The equipment and mechanical equipment are inclined as much as possible in the design and demolition. Annoyance partition door is widely used in the metallurgical and chemical industry and annoyance deck area that cannot be developed as much as possible. It can stretch the accessories as much as possible at the edge. It is believed that it is an indispensable annoyance equipment in general development.
        The effect of Jinan fast rolling shutter door is the same as that of the angry fire wall. It is separated from the inclined horizontal angry fire wall. It consists of 13 Preventive fire prevention angles, such as curtain plate, base plate, complete, support, preventive fire prevention, level, maintenance box, door rolling machine, manufacturer, door lintel, manual quick release station, door lock station and price. Modern demolition is in the place where the angry fire wall isolation should be taken. For example, the open area hall, the full escalator, the vast business hall at the height of the grocery store, the health hall of the health building and the demolition in the development are all places where angry Windows cannot be used. Annoyance partition door gives great use to annoyance isolation in the development of reinforcement.
        Jinan fast rolling shutter door is an indispensable annoyance equipment in the high-level development of general enterprise personnel. In addition to the effect of ancient doors, annoyance door can annoy, isolate smoke, solve the composition expansion and seize the push-pull function of personnel density. It is widely used in the space satisfied by enterprise personnel high-level development, small-scale Angels and other personnel.
        In the use and Realization of Jinan fast rolling shutter door, the users also need to be good at the fire-resistant use address. They should be close to and master the quality of frameless. When there is no frame, there are friends standing and moving in the rear half of the partition wall. If it is found that the development is especially good or bad in the use and implementation, the primary process shall be recognized on time, the operation shall be conducted into the power supply, and the advantages shall be excluded.
        Jinan fast rolling shutter door shall be set with target rules for preemption on schedule, and pay attention to the preemption protection mark of each partition wall for maintenance and archiving. There is no need to occupy the framed partition wall for half a year. It is printed to remove dust and garbage, brush lines, and add smooth and flat oil to the standard local chain of a few sprockets of the block.
        The above is Jinan roller shutter door http://www.kanonlife.com Thank you for checking the information of our company in your busy schedule. If you want to know more, you are welcome to call for consultation!