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        (1) When installing the control system, it must be in the power-off state without current.
        (2) Before installation, the control system shall check whether the appearance and internal electronic components are damaged during transportation, otherwise it may cause serious injury to the user during commissioning or use.
        (3) Non professionals should not touch the electronic components on the control board, especially the processor chip, otherwise the static electricity of the human body will cause permanent damage to the electronic components on the circuit board.
        (4) Wire scraps, small screws, drilling slag and other metal objects generated during construction shall not be allowed to enter the control box, otherwise it may lead to the possibility of circuit short circuit.
        (5) During the installation of the control box, do not carry out any drilling, cutting, grinding and other mechanical processing on the control box.
        (6) Unused wiring ports must be sealed to ensure that the protection grade of the control system is IP54
        (7) The conduit shall not be exposed, loaded or stretched.
        (8) The control box cannot be embedded in the wall or installed close to the wall, otherwise it will affect the heat dissipation of the system.
        Key points of quality control and management of fast door project
        As we all know, the construction quality of the fast door will not only affect the customer experience, but also involve a safety problem, which will directly affect the economic and social benefits of the owner. In order to ensure the safety of users and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, we must strictly control the quality of fast doors.
        1、 The necessity of strengthening the production quality management of fast doors:
        On the one hand, the production quality of fast doors is an important guarantee for users to produce and profit, which is directly related to workers' lives and property. Therefore, in the process of producing fast doors, we must constantly strengthen quality control management to ensure the quality of construction projects. Only by continuously strengthening the quality control and management of industrial doors can we stand in the fierce industry competition and successfully achieve the goal of development and profitability.
        2、 Management and key points analysis of quality control of fast door
        1. Establish a perfect project quality management system;
        2. Strengthen the quality control of raw materials;
        3. Quality control during installation;
        4. Enhance the quality awareness of all production personnel!