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        發布人:http://www.kanonlife.com    發布時間:2020-08-14 17:33:16


        With the increasing number of private cars, parking problems are beginning to plague every car owner. In order to have a stable parking space, many owners choose to buy a parking space or garage. For the garage, we are not strangers, in order to ensure the safety of the car, of course, to choose a safe and secure garage door. How can we avoid accidents in installation or operation and how to ensure safe use?
        1, garage door installation should allow installation personnel to check the door, only allowed in the balance of good door body to install the door machine, otherwise it will cause serious consequences.

        濟南車庫門2, for the running door body, no person or car from the door through the body, so as not to cause safety accidents. Although the garage doors are difficult to rebound, but we must use caution.
        3, prohibit the operation of the remote control of the garage door switch in case that the door body can not be seen, so as to avoid accidents.
        4, when we choose the automatic garage door, to observe the door on both sides of the horizontal guidance requirements, quality standards and safety standards, this is our choice in the garage door key.
        To ensure the safety of our use, we must read the installation manual carefully before installation and follow the strict procedures for installation. If you encounter difficult problems during operation, consult a professional installer and do not operate on your own.
        Our company is committed to providing users with reliable products. We look forward to working with you to establish long-term strategic cooperative relationship, to provide you with excellent quality and perfect service system.