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        發布人:http://www.kanonlife.com    發布時間:2021-12-20 23:55:23

        Automatically open this high-speed fast rolling shutter door, quickly close the door, look for quality management and strict capital management efficiency, factories, warehouses, stores, open import closure and production and operation efficiency of large wheel hub products. A complete set of fast rolling shutter doors costs thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. The price is not cheap. What matters should be paid special attention to for expensive fast doors? Next, make a detailed introduction, hoping to help you!
        1. When installing the fast rolling shutter door, be sure to ask the installer to install it. Generally, the manufacturer will provide installation services. These things must be confirmed with the manufacturer before purchase.
        2. The wiring installation personnel must install with the construction standard and electrical standard wire, and the wire diameter shall not be less than 1.5mm. The power wire shall be connected to the grounding socket. It is strictly prohibited to remove the grounding wire and power wire.
        3. The door is installed and debugged quickly, the door operates stably, and there is no jamming during operation. The door opener shall be installed on the door of balance spring with good performance to avoid overload and damage of the door opener. The door rail end shall be equipped with mechanical limit device or buffer booster to prevent the door from sliding.
        4. The control box should be fixed and easy for personnel to operate. The distance should not be too high or too low. It is generally about 1.4m, which can not only avoid children's random touch, but also facilitate work at heights. Daily high-speed door operation control, such as handling such small objects, shall be kept by designated personnel to avoid loss.
        5. The high-speed door body, pedestrians and vehicles shall pass under the door body or at the bottom to prevent accidents. It is necessary to repair the fault of the fast rolling shutter door. First, cut off the power supply, then make sure that the door is not in danger of falling, and then find someone to repair it.