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        發布人:http://www.kanonlife.com    發布時間:2021-12-02 20:25:38

        The fireproof rolling shutter door is a combination suitable for R &amp; D materials, which eliminates the filament and thermal insulation settings at the tension position and is set on the removal of the structure. The filament setting door is widely distributed in the filament platform area that can be used for industrial and fire research and development, which can effectively prevent the continuous fire and serve the dog life, and the insulation is reliable. It is an indispensable filament setting in general research and development.
        Function of fireproof rolling shutter door
        The fire-proof rolling shutter door acts together with the filament wall. It is complete and straight. It consists of 13 production moments, such as curtain plate, base plate, alloy, support, center shaft, reel, control box, door rolling machine, people's device, door lintel, external quick discharge firewood operation, anti-corrosion firewood and hinge operation, The modern tradition of accessories is generally removed at any position that prevents the filament wall from following the selection. For example, the fire-resistant hall, escalator, the fire-resistant Hall of the commercial super building, the fire-resistant Hall of the fire-resistant building and the tensile position in the R &amp; D object can be omitted. The filament setting door makes the filament available for any treatment in the R &amp; D work.
        The recruitment of fireproof rolling shutter door is an indispensable filament setting in the R &amp; D of general personnel. In addition to the role of general door, the filament door should include filament, smoke isolation, uniform, social continuity and no way to seize the scattered leadership. It can be widely used in environmental protection places with scattered leadership such as personnel R &amp; D and pocket shops.
        Fire shutter door recruitment outstanding completion
        In the selection of fire-proof rolling shutter door, the leader shall be good at firewood and reinforcement, pay close attention to the required scene and manipulation scene on the tall, and set the bottom when required. It is agreed that someone will lie down and move. In the selection operation, once a special scene is excavated, the joint doorway shall be simplified, the incoming power supply shall be cut off and the disadvantage shall be cleaned.
        For the recruitment of fireproof rolling shutter doors, a timely preemption system shall be established, and attention shall be paid to the preemption task set for each door, which shall be kept on file. For the setting not required by long dog life, it is necessary to seize it once in half a year. The pigment is to dissipate dust and garbage, and the painting is special. For the sprocket specification page, keep close to the door turning status and control status, and the sprocket specification environmental chain plus smooth and flat oil-generated symmetrical fireproof rolling shutter door.
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