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        Fire door is a kind of fire prevention and heat insulation facilities suitable for building openings, which plays a certain role in design and installation. Fire doors are widely used in the fire partition areas of industrial and civil buildings, which can effectively prevent the spread of fire.
        Part of the garage door is of rolling shutter type, but the rolling shutter door is easier to pry open. In addition to welding two angle irons near the garage door and two padlocks, many homeowners will install monitoring on it. If there is a problem, they will call the police in time.
        Choose a mild, sunny day to paint. Climatic conditions may have a great impact on the quality of external coatings. At the same time, the garage door must be thoroughly cleaned before painting. Do not start painting until it is completely dry. Choose the color you like, which is most effective for most garage doors, such as light tones of white, beige or pearl, because they won't fade in the sun. It is recommended to apply primer before painting to ensure better effect. Use mild detergent and soft brush to remove any corrosive chemicals or dirt from the garage door, so as to prevent it from corroding the garage door or rusting or even twisting the garage door.
        After cleaning, you can also check whether the spring or hinge needs maintenance at a glance. It is generally recommended to clean 3-4 times a year, which can ensure that the garage door is always in a healthy state. Electric garage doors are equipped with springs and chains to ensure that the door can move up and down easily. In order to ensure its normal operation, it is recommended to use spray oil to lubricate key movement parts at least once a year at all springs, hinges, rollers and pivot points.
        每年一次,應該對車庫門進行徹底檢查,并擰緊任何可能松動的螺絲,螺母或螺栓。這對于保持車庫門在滾筒上正確移動是很重要的。 使用不含腐蝕性物質的清潔劑,擦拭車庫門軌道,并小心地清潔滾筒的所有暴露部分。清除所有多余的水分。然后使用專門設計的車庫門潤滑劑或粉狀石墨,以保持滾輪在軌道上平穩有效地移動。金屬門久了,難免生銹掉漆;木門用久了,表面會開始發黑變粗糙。新買一扇門又要花不少錢,那么怎么樣給門翻新呢?最簡單的辦法就是重新刷上油漆。
        Once a year, the garage door should be thoroughly inspected and any screws, nuts or bolts that may be loose should be tightened. This is important to keep the garage door moving correctly on the roller. Wipe the garage door track with a detergent free of corrosive substances and carefully clean all exposed parts of the drum. Remove all excess moisture. Then use specially designed garage door lubricant or powdered graphite to keep the roller moving smoothly and effectively on the track. Metal doors will inevitably rust and lose paint after a long time; When wooden doors are used for a long time, the surface will begin to turn black and rough. It costs a lot of money to buy a new door, so how to renovate the door? The easiest way is to repaint.
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