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        發布人:http://www.kanonlife.com    發布時間:2021-10-19 10:38:01

        1. Jinan rolling shutter door is checked when it is opened and closed up and down to see if there is a pile. In particular, the fire rolling shutter door is linked with the fire protection system. It is often damaged or skewed due to improper operation. Special attention should also be paid to the general electric rolling shutter door. People should be on site when the curtain is opened and closed. If the curtain is skewed or the track is stuck, the opening and closing of the curtain should be stopped in time, so as not to cause greater damage to the motor and curtain.
        2. When the door curtain is opened and closed, pedestrians and running are prohibited. Because the door curtain is connected by connecting pieces when the door curtain is opened and closed, and there are few unsafe elements in the motor and transmission shaft. Therefore, when the curtain is started, try not to run.
        3. Merchants should also think more about the selection of simple, durable raw materials, so that they can play a higher safety problem even under special circumstances.
        4. The purchase of roller shutter motor is also an important link of comparison. Remember not to feel that the improvement force is enough. As the bearing capacity of roller shutter motor will gradually decrease with the passage of time, the improvement effect of practice will be improved. Therefore, the selection of material should exceed the practical improvement force of door curtain as much as possible.
        5. Brand is also an indispensable factor for selecting a company. Many businesses will choose private small workshops with low price and low quality to manufacture. Of course, it does reduce the cost, but anyway, many small processing workshops blindly reduce the raw materials of accessories in order to reduce the manufacturing cost. There is no corresponding guarantee for the quality of devices, as well as maintenance, When the customer pays the full payment, many manufacturers will choose not to protect the customer due to excessive cost calculation, which is also one of the elements worthy of customer reflection.