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        發布人:http://www.kanonlife.com    發布時間:2020-09-28 16:31:27

        1. when the Ji'nan doors due to brake friction pads too much oil, caused by rolling door brake slide how to solve? The method is very simple, we can use gasoline to clean the oil on the brake friction pads, to solve the problem.
        2.由于卷簾門的壓縮彈簧彈力變小,而發生卷簾門制動打滑現象怎么解決?首先我們要知道問題的根本,就是彈簧在長時間的工作下,已經沒有了可以控制的彈性,所以我們就要更換新的彈簧,使濟南卷簾門可以正常工作。濟南卷簾門2. because the shutter doors of the compressed spring becomes small, and the occurrence of rolling door brake slipping phenomenon how to solve? First of all we want to know the root of the problem is that in the spring, long time work, has no control flexibility, so we need to change a new spring, the Ji'nan rolling door can work normally.
        3. slippage caused by unqualified installation of electromagnet. At this time, we only need to check out not the above two problems, you can reinstall the electromagnet on it.
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