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        發布人:http://www.kanonlife.com    發布時間:2020-09-11 15:16:57

        With the continuous improvement of our living standards, the application of rolling shutter door is more and more extensive, and it can be seen in many places. However, with the use of a long time, the height of rolling shutter door will change, which brings a lot of inconvenience to our life. Let Jinan roller shutter door manufacturer explain the height adjustment skills of rolling shutter door to you:
        1、 There are two hexagonal adjusting bolts on the motor end of Jinan roller shutter door. This is a limit adjuster. There are up, down, left and right arrows on it. The arrow direction is the running direction of the door body, that is, the running direction of the opening and closing scroll. Beside the arrow, there are signs of "plus" and "minus". The "plus" represents increasing the stroke, and "minus" represents shortening the stroke This problem can be solved by inserting a hexagon into the corresponding hole to rotate.

        2、 Check whether the power supply voltage and phase of Jinan rolling shutter door match with the fast rolling door, and the direction of door operation should be correct.
        3、 In case of power failure, the emergency stop switch should be pressed to avoid injury when a sudden power call occurs.
        4、 Regularly wipe the photoelectric induction safety switch under the door post with a clean cloth.
        5、 Because the curtain is connected by a piece when opening and closing, and there are some unsafe factors in the motor and drive shaft. Therefore, when the curtain is opened and closed, pedestrians and running are strictly prohibited.
        Jinan roller shutter door
        The above is Jinan roller shutter door manufacturers to bring you about the adjustment of the height of the roller shutter door, I hope the above content can help you, we should pay attention to the maintenance and inspection of the rolling shutter door in daily use, in case of unnecessary trouble when using, if you want to know more information, welcome to consult Jinan Mingxin door industry.